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What would the state comptroller say about your grading policy?

On Board Online • January 25, 2016

By Courtney Sanik
Senior Policy Consultant

Grades are important pieces of information in school districts. Averages can dictate class ranking, what course work a student is eligible to participate in, and whether a college will look favorably upon an application. If a student's grades are low, it can trigger limits on participation in extracurricular activities.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli recently called attention to the need for districts to have high quality systems and procedures to handle grades by issuing a report on the computer and software systems which track, record and maintain student grades.

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NYSSBA 2016 Legislative Priorities

A legislative year brings new challenges. From reform of the learning standards to budgetary pressures to new laws and regulations, school districts continue to navigate a complex education system. With this in mind, the New York State School Boards Association offers recommendations for change that would help address these issues to benefit our students and communities.

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