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As school year begins, School Boards Association calls for temporary ceasefire in education reform debate
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September 3, 2015                          

The New York State School Boards Association today urged parents, teachers, administrators and state education policymakers to put aside differences over opt outs, testing, Common Core and teacher evaluations. 

"The beginning of the school year should be a time of excitement and promise, as students begin to learn new subject matter, meet their new teachers, and get acquainted with their classmates," said NYSSBA Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer. 

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When you're a member down...

On Board Online • August 31, 2015

By Courtney Sanik
Senior Policy Consultant

Though it does not happen often, a board of education may find itself in the predicament of having to fill a mid-term vacancy on the board. These vacancies may occur because of the resignation or death of a school board member. A school board may remove a member for official misconduct or the commissioner of education may remove a board member for willful neglect of duty or willful disregard of a legal obligation.

When one of these stressful events occurs, there are mechanisms for a board to replace the missing member. How can boards prepare for this? Through board policy, of course!

Among NYSSBA's model policies is one called Filling Board Vacancies (NYSSBA number 2150), and it comes with helpful exhibits.

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