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NYSSBA to revamp online training

On Board Online • April 27, 2015

Eric D. Randall

On June 22, NYSSBA will launch a new "eLearning" program targeted at newly elected school board members.

"NYSSBA is the state's leading provider of state-required courses in fiscal oversight and governance," said Barry Entwistle, director of leadership development. "Our new eLearning system will take advantage of new technology to provide a more interactive and dynamic experience. Board members will be able to access it using a variety of platforms including tablets and other devices."

When NYSSBA first began offering online training in 2007, the industry standard was a presentation of bullet points of information accompanied by narration to replicate an in-person PowerPoint presentation. The new system will be more sophisticated, Entwistle said.

The platform was developed by Loud Cloud, a company founded by Marc Andreesen, best known as the creator of the Netscape web browser.

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