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Where did I put my tissues?

On Board Online • June 13, 2016

By William Miller
Area 5 Director

We all spend countless hours in board service. Have you ever sat back and wondered why you do it? I know I have. Sometimes I think the compulsion to be a school board member ought to be listed as a psychological disorder in DSM-5 (the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

But there is a cure for board member-itis. It's getting reminded about what our students are capable of.

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Report: Receivership and state takeovers not a panacea for school success

A new NYSSBA research report examines state takeover efforts in Massachusetts and Tennessee, which demonstrate that a successful school turnaround requires sustained effort and community buy-in.

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NYSSBA 2016 Legislative Priorities

A legislative year brings new challenges. From reform of the learning standards to budgetary pressures to new laws and regulations, school districts continue to navigate a complex education system. With this in mind, the New York State School Boards Association offers recommendations for change that would help address these issues to benefit our students and communities.

NYSSBA 2016 Budget Analysis

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