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What's Gov. Cuomo's game?

On Board Online • April 27, 2015

By Lynne L. Lenhardt
NYSSBA President

In educational circles, there is widespread mistrust of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's policies. "What's his game?" people ask. Does he want to convince people that the public schools are failing so that he can later claim to have rehabilitated them? Or is it to break the "education monopoly" by privatizing public education? Or is it both?

I am among those who resent Gov. Cuomo's overly pessimistic narrative about our public schools. It's puzzling why a governor would be so addicted to expressing dissatisfaction with the state's P-12 education system while simultaneously seeking to attract industry and development. Everything that's good in society starts with support for public schools.

Fortunately, those of us closest to public education know our schools have earned respect. We all have educational programs and services in our school district that are generating great outcomes for students, and we board members can (and often do!) speak of these accomplishments with pride as we circulate in our communities.


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