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Statement of New York State School Boards Association Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer on the Legislative Session
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June 26, 2015


This year's difficult and lengthy legislative session will be remembered as a mixed bag of accomplishments and disappointments. 

We thank lawmakers for rejecting the education investment tax credit and avoiding an increase in the charter school cap. Both proposals would have been damaging to the state's public schools, which serve the vast majority of students. 

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Regents express doubts on receivership

On Board Online • June 29, 2015

By Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

The state Board of Regents reluctantly adopted regulations to implement a law that empowers superintendents and state-approved receivers to overhaul operations in underperforming schools, but the board rejected language that tags the schools as "failing."

Instead, the regulations approved by the Regents will designate the schools as "struggling" or "persistently struggling."

The schools to be targeted for receivership under the new law are those that have been designated, under previous terminology, "priority schools." More than 150 schools are believed to be in the potential category of struggling and 20 to 30 could qualify for consideration as persistently struggling, according to the department staff.

Superintendents could serve as receivers, which means they, not the school board, would have final say on academic and budgetary decisions for these schools regarding implementation of the school intervention plan. Under the receivership law adopted by the Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, receivers would have extensive power to change school budgets, programs and curriculum, re-staff schools, request changes to teacher contracts or even convert a school to a charter school, subject to a parent vote.

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