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The Next Generation of PaySchools

PayForIt (powered by PaySchools) is a secure, Web-based payment system that simplifies the collection and balancing of funds for school districts.

PayForIt is the next generation of PaySchools; parents can make payments, access purchase records, and recover extensive order history detail. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit/debit cards, as well as electronic checks (E-Checks).

With PFI, you can easily set up fees on a per-name basis; when the parent signs in, they’ll see only the fees for their student. You’ll also be able to set fee and payment types and limits, including maximum charge amounts.

PFI offers unparalleled options for reporting, ranging from sales and transaction reports to detailed transaction analysis, summaries of which fees have been paid by students, and much more.

Benefits for Parents

  • We offer secure payment-method profiles, meaning parents don’t have to worry about remembering financial information when making a payment.
  • Parents can set up automatic and recurring payments, according to their own schedule and their own payment amounts.
  • Parents can opt in for various types of e-mail alerts, including the option to get a detailed monthly statement.

Benefits for Schools

  • PayForIt is able to integrate with all student information systems, providing a versatile and easy-to-learn workflow.
  • We offer redundancy in the way our hosted site is built, with multiple servers taking part in consistent, always-on operation.
  • Our support and IT staff are entirely in-house, aiding in high-quality customer service, support, and development.

PFI supports food service, fees, activities, after-school programs, and registrations across your school district. We pride ourselves on customer service and support.

We offer a dedicated support team, and we put a priority on knowledge and learning. That’s why we also offer a comprehensive (and still growing!) catalog of training and tutorial videos, for parents and district personnel.

For More Information
Contact Archa Wachowicz, Deputy Director of Business Development at 800-342-3360 or



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