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Why we are using propane-powered buses

On Board Online • April 27, 2015

By Paul Nienstadt

When it comes to transportation costs, school districts throughout the state are constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency.

At Washingtonville Central School District, we found that changing our bus fuel has improved finances and positioned us as a leader in environmental initiatives and a model for the community.

We operate an 89-bus fleet to transport more than 5,000 students to 28 Orange County area schools - public, private and parochial. Currently, 18 buses are fueled by propane autogas, also called liquified petroleum gas or simply autogas. We recently ordered nine more Blue Bird Propane Vision Type C buses, which would make 30 percent of our fleet powered by an alternative fuel.

When making our initial purchase of eight buses, each bus cost about 9 percent more than the comparable diesel model. But we were able to recoup that incremental cost within one year, and our savings continue.

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