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NYSSBA report highlights alternatives to school suspension, potential ways to improve "school climate"

FOR RELEASE: April 27, 2017

CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 783-3716 or (518) 320-2221 cell


The practice of "restorative justice" has emerged as an option to help schools improve their climate and consider ways to reduce student suspensions, according to a new research report entitled "Rethinking School Discipline," by the New York State School Boards Association. 

Under the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act, states may include school climate or elements of school climate --  such as suspension rates, absenteeism and school safety -- among the "school quality indicators" they would monitor and use to help schools improve. 

Rethinking School Discipline

Cover School discipline reform often focuses on the use of restorative justice, a disciplinary approach that emphasizes student accountability for behavior and relationship-building.

NYSSBA’s latest report, Rethinking School Discipline, taps into the attraction of restorative justice, explains how it is implemented in schools, assesses its outcomes, and offers school board members, administrators and educators best practices for school district implementation.


Read the Full Report (15 pages - 888 KB) 


Call to Action: Urge Congress to Invest in Public Education

April 25, 2017

Members of Congress return to Capitol Hill this week with the priority of passing an appropriations bill to fund federal programs, including education, for the remainder of the 2017 fiscal year. Congress has four days to pass legislation to ensure federal investments in education continue uninterrupted, as the current funding measure expires on April 28. This is the time to contact your Members of Congress and urge them to pass an appropriations bill that prioritizes $35 billion in investments for education programs that support our nation's 50 million public school students.

2017 NYSSBA Resolution Kit

April 24, 2017

Dear NYSSBA Member:

Below you will find a link to NYSSBA's 2017 Resolution Kit. This kit includes key dates and other important information about NYSSBA's resolutions process.  

The resolution process is an important one, by which NYSSBA members have the opportunity to set the positions and beliefs of the Association. Your participation provides guidance to the NYSSBA Governmental Relations team.

Seneca Falls Board Member Zellers named NYSSBA's Champion for Change

FOR RELEASE: April 17, 2017

CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 783-3716 or (518) 320-2221 cell


Seneca Falls School Board Member Heather Zellers is the 2017 recipient of the New York State School Boards Association Champion for Change Award. 

The Champion for Change Award is presented annually to a current school board member who, in the judgment of the NYSSBA Awards Committee, should be recognized for innovative and ethical leadership that has brought about ground-breaking improvements in school district programs and operations.

"This year, NYSSBA is recognizing an innovative and effective first-term elected school board member and Zellers fulfills this criteria with her dedication and leadership in education," said NYSSBA President Susan Bergtraum.

Education budget grows by $1.1 billion

On Board Online • April 17, 2017

By Julie M. Marlette
Director of Governmental Relations

All school districts are guaranteed a foundation aid increase of at least 2.74 percent over 2016-17 levels under the approved 2017 state budget.

In addition, all districts would be guaranteed to get at least 44.75 percent of the amount they are due to receive when foundation aid is fully phased-in.

Seneca Falls board member Zellers named NYSSBA's Champion for Change

On Board Online • April 17, 2017

Eric D. Randall

Seneca Falls school board member Heather Zellers is the 2017 recipient of NYSSBA's Champion for Change Award.

The annual award recognizes board members who have fostered ground-breaking improvements. This year's was designated for a first-term board member who is dedicated, effective and inspiring.

Regents to phase in arts standards

On Board Online • April 17, 2017

By Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

The Board of Regents has approved a plan for putting new arts education standards in place within two years and endorsed a strategic vision that would boost the role of arts in school culture and curriculum.

The proposal, which was reviewed by the Regents at their April meeting, envisions standards for dance, music, theater and visual arts for each grade level in four "anchor" categories consistent with National Core Arts Standards:

SED awards family engagement grants

On Board Online • April 17, 2017

By Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

The State Education Department has awarded $6 million in additional grants from the first year of New York's My Brother's Keeper initiative, providing the first allocations earmarked specifically for family and community engagement.

The grants of up to $150,000 will go to 42 school districts, including 14 districts within New York City and four other members of the Big 5 - Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester and Yonkers.

Why isn't computer science part of the NYS math sequence?

On Board Online • April 17, 2017

By Michael Nagler
Superintendent, Mineola Public Schools

The Wall Street Journal recently quoted Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving lamenting, "There are currently 500,000 unfilled high skilled IT and computer science jobs in the U.S." Simply put, our schools aren't producing qualified candidates to fill these positions, forcing companies to look abroad for talented people.

Our public schools have to be part of the solution.

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