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Say Thank You to School Board Members! 

Below are additional ways that your district may choose to show its appreciation for the members of your school board during School Board Recognition Week.

  • Issue special district proclamations about School Board Recognition Week.
  • Use school marquees and message boards to thank board members for their service.
  • Print a copy of the state proclamation of School Board Recognition Week in district newsletters.
  • Write a personal letter saluting board members to be published in district newsletters and local newspapers.
  • Present your board members with certificates of appreciation, flowers or fruit baskets at a reception or after a board meeting, to which key community members may be invited.
  • Use your district cable channel to pay tribute to school board members through interviews.
  • Create individual plaques with school board members' names and number of years of service.
  • Express written appreciation to board members' families and spouses for supporting them while they volunteer their time on the board.
  • Have students present board members with certificates of appreciation, art work, flowers or fruit baskets at a reception or after a meeting.
  • Have students interview and profile board members.
  • Encourage parent organizations and student councils to sponsor an appreciation breakfast for the school board.
  • Recognize board members at sports events.
  • Bring board members to classrooms where they can talk to students about board service.

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