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State Aid Refiling and Analysis

Scope of Service

Let NYSSBA retroactively recover state aid that is rightfully yours and help your district more effectively claim state aid in the future to maintain district operations.  There is no fee charged for this service unless additional state aid money is found. This service will:

    • Determine whether the district has billed for CPSE administrative costs
    • Analyze the district’s Public and Private Excess Cost Aids
    • Review the district records of High Cost Students to ensure all STACs have been filed with SED
    • Check to ensure that STACs for students with disabilities who are enrolled in summer school programs have been filed with SED, so the district claims all its Summer Handicapped Student Program Aid
    • Analyze transportation costs to ensure the district has received maximum Transportation Aid
    • Review all Federal and special aided programs for proper reimbursement
    • Review all Operating and Categorical Aids for proper reimbursement
    • Ensure that Charter school students have been properly reported for aid.
    • Ensure that health related services to non-public or charter school students have been properly billed
    • Determine whether homeless and/or incarcerated students have been properly reported

Archa Wachowicz, Business Development Manager

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