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Insurance Audit Services

Insurance Audit Services Brochure 

Is your school district's insurance coverage all it needs to be?

School districts have unique exposures to loss and liability, which can arise quickly and without notice. Does your district have the right level of insurance coverage?

Expert independent review of your district's insurance policy coverage.

Clear benefits for your school district:

  • Independent update of statistics and data affecting premium costs
  • Expert independent review of current policy coverage levels
  • Preparation of a comprehensive RFP for your insurance quotes
  • Expert evaluation of quotes and thirdparty scoring
  • Independent process provides an unbiased recommendation, free from potential conflicts of interest
  • Potential for savings in premiums and broader coverage

Performing a Full Review of Your District's Insurance Coverage
Bryant Asset Protection start with a complete review of data – everything from school risk profile to current limits of insurance coverage. Then, they will prepare and issue an RFP to solicit multiple quotes, independently review and rate the quotes, and prepare a recommendation directly to the district.

Insurance Audit

Providing a Comprehensive Scope of Service

Complete review of adequacy of current coverage

  • Review of school risk profile, loss run patterns, and fixed asset inventory
  • Review of staff and student data
  • Compilation and review of all current building and grounds data, revalue as necessary
  • Update district data with impact on coverage
  • Meet with administration to assess any changes wanted and discuss insurance audit process
  • Prepare and disseminate request for proposal (RFP) and associated documents to potential providers
  • Receive, review, evaluate and rate quotes
  • Prepare and deliver final report with recommendations to your school district

The End Result

Periodic insurance examinations can help the school board and school leaders better understand the school district's current insured status and identify areas of risk, leading to better protection of the district. School districts may also recognize significant financial savings and enhanced insurance coverage when subjecting their insurance program to rigorous review and a bidding process.

Insurance Audit

Bryant Asset Protection is an independent insurance agency and as such may have a business relationship with potential bidders on this acquisition. However, Bryant Asset Protection does not have school districts as clients.

The review and analysis of bids are performed as a separate function in the agency in the best interests of the issuer of the RFP.  No business or personal relationships are considered in the formulation of Bryant Asset's nonbinding recommendations to school districts.

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