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The Importance of Policy

Policy is a set of broad written guidelines created by the Board of Education to chart the school district's course of action.

Effective policy can be used to help the board:

  • Determine priorities
  • Provide direction for the district
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Establish commitments
  • Demonstrate public accountability
  • Offer notice of legal requirements
  • Ensure legal compliance

Carefully researched, well-written and well-organized policies are essentialfor all school districts.  They can ensure fair and reasonable treatment of students, staff and the community, guard against liability and provide continuity of leadership for the district.

Service Options
NYSSBA offers four policy services for your district’s convenience, each designed to help you easily create and maintain policy and ensure that your district’s policy manual maximizes its potential. Each service is provided by expert NYSSBA policy consultants who have over 35 years combined experience working with district policies. 

  • The Essential Policy Manual – custom-tailored electronic policy manual tailored to reflect your board’s goals and priorities.
  • E-Policy – converts policy manuals into powerful online formats for instant access.
  • Policy Update – policy consultants will provide new and/or revised policies quarterly and advise your district on emerging policy issues.  Additional details and the order form are available on the Subscription Agreement.
  • Policy by Design – a policy package designed by you for your district’s needs. NEW!

Other Resources

For more information:
Contact one of our NYSSBA Policy Team Members via email or call (800) 342-3360.

Linda Bakst, Deputy Director of Policy Services
Jessica Goldstein, Senior Policy Consultant
Courtney Sanik, Policy Consultant
Mary Williams, Policy Coordinator


Policy by Design

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Policy Services

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