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VisdomK12 offers the first cloud-based collaborative decision-making platform that lets you easily include multiple people and perspectives.

VisdomK12’s platform allows your decision making to be timely, transparent and respected by combining the power of collaboration with the wisdom of your educators, consultants, community and administrators. You can focus strategic meetings using interactive VoiceMaps™ that are color coded and can be explored from every perspective. It also allows the conversation to be agile and relevant with real-time dashboards that let you monitor participant progress and response stats.

And best of all, VisdomK12’s platform has been tested and endorsed by K-12 teachers, administrators, school boards, ESAs and Departments of Education.

School Safety Review (formerly known as School Safety Site Assessment)

The School Safety Review is an online tool that captures the collective insights of teachers, administrators, and support professionals on a building-by-building basis. 

The tool was developed with the expertise of Ronald Stephens, Executive Director of the National School Safety Center who has three decades of field experience at schools including Columbine High School in Littleton, Co., and Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Ct. This School Safety Site Assessment is a digital version of Stephen’s organization's on-site assessment process that has been employed by the largest school districts in the nation.

With the School Safety Site Assessment, you can solicit the perspectives of all staff that have the highest level of awareness and knowledge about their daily work space and the people in it. It is an important prevention tool that can be used to inform existing safety plans, Safety Committee efforts, and as pre-event to risk management site assessments to be performed by safety professionals.

Results of the review are displayed in a color-coded VoiceMap™ that highlights consensus areas of high confidence as well as areas of collective concern. The display will make it easy to see how people in a specific school or with a certain job title feel about specific issues or groups of issues. Observations and recommendations from staff are also collected for next steps planning.

School Safety Review Details
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Talking to Kids About School Safety

Also available from VisdomK12 is a free document from the National School Safety Center called Talking to Kids About School Safety: An Activity for Families and Classrooms. It contains a brief exercise designed to foster conversation among educators, parents and kids around school safety. You can download it by going to

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What people are saying about VisdomK12

"It saved us at least half the time, we could include more stakeholders, and the final decision was respected as being fair...even by those who didn't agree with it."

- Elizabeth Domangue, EdD
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