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Another bathroom access lawsuit reaches federal circuit court level

On Board Online • July 3, 2017

By Jeffrey Mongelli
Senior Staff Counsel

Pending the outcome of a lawsuit, a Wisconsin transgender boy may use the boys' bathroom in his high school notwithstanding the school's unwritten policy to the contrary.

That was the ruling by the Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Whitaker v. Kenosha Unified School District.

23,000 children of military families affected by proposed changes in Regents regulations

On Board Online • July 3, 2017

By Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

Imagine you're a high school senior sweating your way through multiple gym classes every school day. At night, you hit the books extra hard to prepare for New York's Earth Science Regents exam; you need to refresh your understanding of geologic processes, planetary orbits and other topics you last considered two or three years ago in a classroom far, far away.

Educators say that's not a far-fetched scenario for children of military parents who, after hopscotching around the country (or the world), want to graduate from high school in New York.

Schools near military base offer welcoming vibe for new students

On Board Online • July 3, 2017

By Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

"Hello" and "Goodbye." These are two words that Indian River and Carthage students learn to say early and often.

Both rural Jefferson County school districts border Fort Drum, home of the Army's 10th Mountain Division, where more than 15,000 soldiers are posted for a few months or years at a time before picking up for their next assignment, often with families in tow.

Advocacy Update: Extraordinary Session Comes to a Close

June 29, 2017

Today the extraordinary session, which began yesterday at the call of the Governor, came to a close.

After nearly a full day of negotiations yesterday, the Assembly passed a bill that would, among other things, extend mayoral control of the New York City school system for 2 additional years (until June 30, 2019) in the overnight.

Advocacy Alert: 2017 Legislative Wrap Up

June 27, 2017

Earlier today, the NYSSBA Governmental Relations team conducted a webinar discussing the end of the 2017 legislative session and how your school district could be impacted.

We discussed what bills state lawmakers passed, what bills they did not, and what business was left unfinished.

Statement by NYSSBA Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer on the 2017 Legislative Session

FOR RELEASE: June 22, 2017

CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 783-3716 or (518) 320-2221 cell


We expect lawmakers will return to Albany at some point to address outstanding issues – most notably extending mayoral control of New York City schools – and correct what can best be characterized as an incomplete end to the legislative session. 

While we are grateful for the passage of much-needed technical adjustments to the tax cap, the major education issue of this session, mayoral control, hangs in limbo. The use of the mayoral control school governance model in New York City is preferred by nearly all interested parties. Therefore, it makes sense to separate this issue from other issues not so widely supported, and approve an extension immediately while the law's expiration deadline of June 30 is looming. Other issues can and should be taken up by the legislature at a later date. 

We urge the Legislature to resolve this unfinished business as soon as possible.

Advocacy Alert: 2017 Session Ends Without Deal on NYC Mayoral Control

Last night just before midnight, both houses of the legislature adjourned and released their members. Unfortunately, this was before a deal could be agreed to on an extension of mayoral control over the New York City school system. This provision of law expires at the end of the month. At this time it is unclear if or when legislators will return to address this issue.

While negotiations on this issue were ongoing, many issues of importance to school districts were taken up by one or both houses.

Media Backgrounder: NYS School Board Member Removal Process

FOR RELEASE: June 20, 2017

David Albert (518) 783-3716
Al Marlin (518) 527-6933

  1. How is a school board member removed from office?
    A board member may be removed from office either by the commissioner of education or the school board. A school board’s authority to remove one of its members from office is separate and distinct from the commissioner’s authority to remove a board member. A school board member removed from office may not be appointed or elected to any district office for one year from the date of his or her removal.

Advocacy Update: End of the Legislative Session Approaches

June 19, 2017

Legislators appear to be on track to end the legislative session this week as scheduled.  At this time, a number of NYSSBA priorities are still pending, and NYSSBA governmental relations staff is also working to block new mandates and amend proposals that would be harmful to districts.

As we enter the final week of the legislative session some key issues are still in play. Some of those proposals saw movement last week, including:

Call to Action: Reform BOCES District Superintendent Compensation

June 14, 2017

Legislation that seeks to update the current cap on salaries for BOCES district superintendents is pending in both houses of the state legislature. Current law caps the salary of BOCES district superintendents at 98 percent of the commissioner of education's 2003-04 salary or 106% of the salary cap applicable in the previous school year, whichever is less. This legislation would update the cap to reflect the commissioner of education's 2017-18 salary.

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