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BOCES DS Salary Cap Letter

Dear Governor Cuomo,

On behalf of the XXXXX board of education, which is a component district of the XXX BOCES, I am writing to urge your approval of S.3203-A/A.2112-A, which would update the cap on BOCES district superintendent salaries.

Currently, a BOCES district superintendent salary is capped at 98% of the commissioner of education’s 2003-04 salary or 106% of the previous years salary, whichever is less. This legislation would update the cap to 98% of the commissioner’s 2018-19 salary while retaining the 6% year over year cap. It has now been 15 years since the cap was updated.

District superintendents play a critical role in helping shape and implement important education policies that directly impact our students. It is essential that BOCES can recruit and retain highly qualified individuals for these leadership positions. District superintendents are by statute, the education leader for their BOCES, component districts and our communities. According to the State Education Department, the role of the district superintendents has been defined as: education change agent, regional planner and coordinator and field representative for the New York State Education Department- a key liaison between the state and local component districts.

Our board has the right and responsibility to hire a superintendent. When we find ourselves needing to fill that role, we recruit, select and then work our hardest to secure and retain the best person to lead our district. However, the members of our BOCES board are limited in their ability to offer a competitive compensation package to their leaders and candidates which can make retention a serious challenge.

Our district depends on XXX BOCES for a variety of programs and services.

We urge you to join us in supporting our BOCES by signing S.3203-A/A.2112-A.



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