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Monday, August 31, 2009
Consortium Report

We welcome your comments below on this report, or the topic of health insurance in general.

Posted by: Site Admin @ 10:33:50 am Monday, August 31, 2009 
Most informative article.Now this time health insurance are very critical.Because the young adults under 26, including those will not be eligible to remain on or obtain coverage on the family plan until 9/1/11.CNY Health Insurance Trust are very effective for us.
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Posted by: maria lucy @ 5:56:38 am June 29, 2015
The CNY Health Insurance Trust was bound by law to wait until the next plan year begins, otherwise this would be a "gift" of taxpayer funds. The law is quite clear on this. While you can assume that it would be of no dollar effect to the district as the premium for the family plan remains the same - the experience rating of the additional family member WILL have an effect on the plan. In many cases the Trust may benefit from the younger, supposedly more healthy individual - however there is always the case of the reverse which could be quite costly to the Trust.
Posted by: guest @ 10:54:21 am April 1, 2011
Under the new federal Affordable Care Act, effective today, 9/23/10, young adults to age 26, are supposed to be able to stay on their parent's family policy. However, this is true effective today if your plan's "plan year" begins after the effective date of 9/23/10. In many schools the "plan year" starts on 9/1/10. This means that all of the young adults under 26, including those (like my daughter that recently graduated from college) will not be eligble to remain on or obtain coverage on the family plan until 9/1/11.(One year from now.) To avoid this problem, even most of the giant private health insurance companies waived this time period and even allowed these young adults coverage. However, the "CNY Health Insurance Trust" or consortium covering Onondaga, Cortland and Madison BOCES, run apparently by it Board of Directors, were given the option to voluntarily waive the year's wait, but refused, therefore denying coverage to all of their employee's young adult children for an entire year. These employees of numerous school systems have been advised that if they want their children to remain on the school's policy they can pay for an individual policy that will cost an additional $500.00 a month. Who would have thought that the private insurance companies would be more caring and considerate than the Health Insurance Consortium set up to provide insurance for our CNY teachers and other school workers? So much for the BOCES Board Members of this consortium for voting to totally disregard the health needs of our children who worked hard to complete college and are desperately looking for work or for those who have recently graduated from high school and are not able to obtain their own insurance. You can brag about how much money you have saved, all you want. You should be ashamed.
Posted by: Susan Quinlan @ 8:52:55 pm September 23, 2010
Erie 1 BOCES report overstates the savings by 43%.
You can not compare the premiums between a community rated and experince rated plan for the program discussed. Fair to compare the rate of increase in the premiums betwwen the plans (127% vs. 82%) for a total savings of $5M not the 9M lisited.
Posted by: guest @ 4:00:38 pm September 15, 2009
Great report
Posted by: guest @ 12:34:29 am September 2, 2009

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