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U.S. Communities is now part of OMNIA Partners.

OMNIA Partners is the nation’s largest and most experienced organization dedicated to group purchasing and supply chain management.  Comprised of members and suppliers in both the government and private sector, they bring together industry-leading buying power and world-class vendors to offer an extensive portfolio of sourcing solutions and partnerships.

Through the economies of scale created by four subsidiaries, National IPA, Prime Advantage, Corporate United and U.S. Communities, OMNIA Partners’ members and suppliers execute more contracts, in more verticals, with transparent, value-driven pricing.  They benefit from the power and relationships OMNIA Partners have established across a multitude of industries to gain premier access to products, services and customers.

This creates an unparalleled means of delivering savings and efficiencies that drive members and supplier partners to realize their full market potential.

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Contact:  Victoria Palmieri, Regional Manager – New England, OMNIA Partner, Public Sector

(201) 650-3316 Cell or

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