Welcome to Be the Change for Kids
- the NYSSBA public education initiative

What is the Be the Change for Kids Initiative?

Be the Change for Kids encourages innovation within our schools, the maintenance of high standards in education and greater student achievement.

The Be the Change for Kids initiative was launched in January of 2010 when it began raising awareness of the funding crisis facing New York’s public education system, and encouraged school leaders to consider ways to optimize resources and embrace new methods of teaching and learning.  Fundamental changes in how education is financed, spending priorities, incentives and performance measures were needed to ensure all New York’s public education students have equal opportunity for success.

Three guiding principles steer the Be the Change for Kids initiative:

  1. Provide a globally-competitive education at an affordable cost
  2. Improve efficiencies without sacrificing quality
  3. Embrace change when it leads to better opportunities and success for students.

These principles directed the campaign towards three main target groups:  educators, law makers, and the general public.

Be the Change for Kids is a comprehensive year-round campaign using direct mail, e-marketing, social media, word of mouth and public relations and an advocacy campaign which plays a vital role to further demonstrate school boards commitment to state and federal officials.

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Who is NYSSBA?
The New York School Boards Association (NYSSBA) is a membership organization that represents nearly 670 school boards and 5,000 school board members in New York State.  NYSSBA provides advocacy, leadership development, custom services and information to school boards in support of their mission to govern the state’s public schools.

Throughout its long history, 100 years and counting, NYSSBA has been successful in keeping its membership informed and proactive.  NYSSBA has a strong statewide and national presence, and direct channels into nearly every school district and Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) in the state.  NYSSBA provides workshops and conferences, an award winning newspaper and timely education news updates for its membership while representing their interests in Washington, DC and the State Capital in Albany.