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  Aligning Resources for Student Achievement
A NSBA Publication

Price: $15.00

Member Price: $12.00

Continuing from “Key Work of School Boards” by NSBA, this book focuses on Alignment. This publication provides a way of thinking about how the resources available in a school district can be best used for raising student achievement.

Price Each: varies

  Becoming A Better Board Member, 3rd Edition
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $32.00

Newly expanded and updated for the 21st century, NSBA's best-selling guide to school board service has been revised to incorporate Key Work of School Boards concepts and to reflect new governance realities, including the requirements of No Child Left Behind.

Price Each: $40.00

  Communities Count: A School Board Guide to Public Engagement
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $16.00

There is mounting evidence that engaging communities in school affairs leads to better schools, improved student achievement, and higher customer satisfaction. This report shares how school boards need to be involved to provide leadership for the process, how to go about involving their community, and who should be involved.

Price Each: $24.00

  Community Connection: Case Studies in Public Engagement
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $16.00

This report presents 15 case studies of 15 school districts, including the Bay Shore, NY, district, in the country that have improved student achievement through community engagement. It discusses the trends and presents strategies for sustaining community involvement and overcoming roadblocks.

Price Each: $24.00

  Investigating Alleged Misconduct by Employees
NSBA Council of School Attorneys

Member Price: $24.00

This monograph focuses on the steps school districts need to take to investigate allegations of employee misconduct to determine whether misconduct occurred and how it should be handled.

Price Each: $30.00

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