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  Reaching for Excellence
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $16.00

The strategies mentioned in this report were gathered from superintendent/board president responses to a nationwide survey on what their school districts were doing to improve student achievement and govern more effectively. The questions centered on standards implementation, alignment of standards with assessments, roadblocks encountered, and accountability.

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  Reinventing School-Based Management
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $16.00

The report begins with a critical analysis of school-based management, and, based on that analysis, proposes a new model of school-based improvement that emphasizes the district role in promoting continuous improvement through data-driven decision-making. It offers school board members guidance in implementing this new approach.

Price Each: $24.00

  Religion & Public Schools

Religion & Public Schools: Striking a Constitutional Balance (Third Edition) represents an ongoing effort by members of the NSBA Council of School Attorneys. In the interval between this publication and the Council’s previous book on religion published in 2001, the Supreme Court has handed down several opinions reflecting a changing approach to resolving Establishment Clause issues. As the jurisprudential landscape shifts, it will be even more imperative that school attorneys understand the law so that they may properly advise their school board clients about how to handle various issues that call for careful balancing between religious freedoms and principles of church-state separation embodied in the First Amendment.

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  Robert's Rules in Plain English, 2nd Edition
Harper Perennial

A guide to parliamentary procedure to facilitate and organize your meetings.

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  Targeting Student Learning: The School Board's Role as Policymaker
NSBA Publication

Member Price: $160.00

For many school districts, policymaking is a reactive process. Policies are developed in reaction to changes in state or federal laws or special interests raised by parents, teachers, students, or other district constituent groups. The end product is a complex set of policies that sometimes deal more with legal compliance and requirements rather than the local school board’s vision, direction, and goals for student learning.

Price Each: $200.00

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