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  Key Work of School Boards: A Guidebook
School Boards Guidebook, 2nd Edition National School Boards Association

The latest edition of Key Work of School Boards Guidebook outlines the framework necessary for raising student achievement through quality, results-driven school systems.  It is designed to give school boards concrete action tools to help them be effective in their roles as community leaders.  This guidebook is a resource to help school board members carry out their responsibilities for creating equity and excellence in public education and for leading the community in preparing all students to succeed in a rapidly changing global society.

The enhanced edition of this popular publication includes:

  • An analysis of the impacts of new federal and state legislation, including NCLB;
  • New opportunities for districts based on evolving technology;
  • Tactics for surviving and thriving in this era of public accountability;
  • Suggestions on how to use data to inform decision-making at all levels; and
  • Case studies illustrating districts who have successfully used Key Work concepts to advance student achievement.

Member Discount Price: $20.00

Price Each: $25.00

  Leading Change: The Case for Continuous Improvement
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $16.00

The third book in NSBA's Key Work of School Boards series explores the elements of continuous improvement and provides scenarios, self-assessments, and questions boards can ask to gauge their understanding and application of these concepts.

Price Each: $20.00

  Models of Success: Case Studies of Technology in Schools
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $28.00

This publication presents success stories of how technology is being implemented and how it inspires learning in 20 school districts around the country.

Price Each: $42.00

  Plans and Policies for Technology in Education: A Compendium, 2nd Edition
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $28.00

This 2nd edition compendium illustrates how 26 school districts have tackled staff development, student protection, liability, curriculum integration, security, and other planning and policy issues.

Price Each: $42.00

  Raising the Bar
A NSBA Publication

Member Price: $16.00

The goal of this publication is to encourage local school board members to use the power of their office to lead their schools to higher levels of student achievement. It offers strategies for becoming more effective educational policy leaders.

Price Each: $24.00

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