Custom Board Retreat

Perhaps the most effective of all training opportunities offered by NYSSBA, a Custom Board Retreat (CBR) is designed specifically to meet your board's needs. Together, NYSSBA and your board set the day, time, place and topic of the training.  Then, an expert NYSSBA facilitator designs the program to meet the needs of your board-superintendent team.

Three reasons your leadership team should book a CBR:

  1. Highly customized training to meet the specific needs of your board.
  2. Expert facilitators who plan and deliver the program.
  3. Affordable and convenient, saving your district travel expenses and registration fees.

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Popular topics include:  

  • Roles & Responsibilities of the Board and Superintendent
  • District Goal-Setting Process
  • Superintendent Performance Evaluation Process
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Getting Your Meetings Back on Track
  • Developing Team Operating Procedures
  • The Board's Role in Policy Development
  • Trust and Teamwork
  • Community Relations
  • Executive Session and Open Meetings Law
  • The Board Self-Evaluation Process

Experienced and Unbiased Facilitators
NYSSBA facilitators have over 40 years of cumulative experience in leadership development. They understand how to resolve contentious issues, strained relationships, fractures within the board and community concerns.

Affordable and Convenient
NYSSBA offers two reasonable options for a Custom Board Retreat - on the day and time that works best for your leadership team.

Member Rates
$2,000 -
Half day workshop (3-4 hours)
$2,700 -
Full day workshop (6-8 hours)

Contact Us!
Scheduling a Custom Board Retreat is easy.  Simply call us at (800) 342-3360 or (518) 783-0200 or by email at to start the process.

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