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You have the power to stop unfunded mandates from your home or on the go!

This year's state budget went to great lengths to prevent new, unfunded mandates on school districts while adding much-needed additional funds. But state leaders often impose new unfunded mandates between the time the budget is passed and the end of the legislative session. Our communities can no longer afford this legislative approach.

Last year at this time, our local governments and schools faced a virtual onslaught of unfunded mandate proposals.  Most were well intended public policy, when assessed in a vacuum.  Yet, when placed within the context of our struggling local economies, reduced state aid and restricted ability to raise new local revenue, these unfunded mandates become a major stumbling block to economic and educational recovery.

This year, let’s try a different approach.  This year, if the state believes a new mandate is important enough to impose on our local governments and schools, it should be important enough for the state to pay for it.  Unfunded mandates imposed after local budgets are enacted force cuts to important services already promised to the community.  Please let 2013 be the year of No New Mandates!

Here is what YOU can do to ensure 2013 is the year of No New Mandates!

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