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Sample Policy 9120.1 Conflict of Interest

NYSSBA Sample Policy 9120.1


 The Board of Education is committed to avoiding any situation in which the existence of simultaneous, conflicting interests in any officer or employee may call into question the integrity of the management or operation of the school district.  Therefore:

No person employed by the district shall hire, supervise, evaluate, promote, review or discipline any other employee who is a member of the same family.  In the event that marriage, promotion, or reorganization results in a situation not in compliance with this policy, reassignment or transfer will be effected, in accordance with the applicable provisions of any collective bargaining agreement, to correct the situation.

No person employed by the district shall negotiate or execute any contract on behalf of the district for the purchase, sale or lease of real or personal property, services of any nature, nor for insurance without first having determined the common price for such property, services or insurance, or requesting bids from all potential providers of such property, services or insurance.

No person employed by the district shall allow any matter, concern or interest, personal, financial or otherwise, to influence or interfere with the performance of his or her duties.  Should such a matter, concern or interest arise, the employee shall bring the matter to the attention of his or her supervisor to seek ways to reduce or eliminate the influence or interference.

The Board affirms its commitment to adhere scrupulously to all applicable provisions of law regarding material conflicts of interest.

Knowing or willful violation of this policy by any employee may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Any officer, employee or member of the public noting or suspecting a violation of this policy is encouraged to bring the matter, either in confidence or in public, to the Board or the Superintendent of Schools.

Ref: Education Law §§ 410, 3016
General Municipal Law Art. 18, §§ 801-813
Labor Law §201-d
Dykeman v. Symonds, 54 AD2d 159 (4th Dep't 1976)

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