2018 Guidelines for the Champion for Change Award

The New York State School Boards Association's Champion for Change Award is presented annually to a current school board member, who, in the judgment of the NYSSBA Awards Committee, should be recognized for innovative and ethical leadership that brought about ground-breaking improvements in school district programs and operations.  The NYSSBA Champion for Change is a champion for children who fosters creative change that enriches educational opportunities and improves academic results.

How Candidates Are Evaluated

The NYSSBA Awards Committee will review submitted Champion for Change Award nomination forms based on the following:

To ensure objectivity, Awards Committee members may not nominate candidates. All present school board members in current NYSSBA member school districts are eligible. Current members of NYSSBA's Board of Directors are excluded from the nomination. However, past members who have been off the NYSSBA board at least three years may be nominated if still serving on a board.

The form must include a resolution of a member board of education nominating the candidate for the award (see box below for sample resolution).

Sample Board Resolution
Motion made by John Doe, seconded by Betty Jones:
That the Board of Education of the ABC School District hereby nominates Jane Smith of the
Suburban Board of Education for the NYSSBA Champion for Change Award.
Carried X-X.

Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

If the NYSSBA Awards Committee is unable to select a candidate from those nominations, because the Committee concludes no candidate meets the award's standards, no award will be presented.

The NYSSBA Awards Committee will review the nominations in April. The Champion for Change Award will be presented during a regional meeting at the end of the school year at a time and place to be determined.

For any questions regarding this application or the process, please contact Archa Wachowicz, Deputy Director of Business Development, at (518) 783-3788 or archa.wachowicz@nyssba.org.