Advocacy Alert 2016-17 Budget Deal Reached

Late yesterday, the Legislature and the Governor reached an agreement on the 2016-17 state budget. The Senate has passed all of the budget bills. The Assembly has not voted on the education bills yet.  This year’s budget includes a significant increase in funding for school districts totaling $1.47 billion more than 2015-16. The school aid package includes:

Community Schools - Foundation Aid Set Asides

The school aid increase is more than half a billion dollars above the Governor’s Executive Budget proposal, with additional funding for both Foundation Aid and GEA Restoration. The full state aid runs can be accessed below.

2016-17 State Aid Runs

Please note, when reviewing the school aid runs, some districts may initially see a GEA on their run. However, the GEA is fully eliminated  by the “final GEA payment” listed at the bottom of the run. Language to ensure the elimination of the GEA is also included in the Article VII language bill.

Other notable items included in the budget are:

As always, this year’s budget negotiations were as noteworthy for what was not included as what was included in the final package. NYSSBA Governmental Relations staff worked hard to ensure that our priorities were included, and those initiatives we opposed were not.


Not Included in the Final Budget

Governmental Relations staff is in the process of fully analyzing bill language and will provide additional details in the days to come.

NYSSBA released the following statement on the New York State Budget.

Statement of NYSSBA Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer


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