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April 15, 2016

Advocacy Update: Threats of School Violence

Legislation to accomplish a NYSSBA position statement (S.430-A, Gallivan/A.2800-A, Lentol) has been advanced by the Senate Codes Committee. This legislation, which amends the penal law to make all threats to mass violence against school grounds a felony in New York State, was advanced as a result of the NYSSBA resolution process.

Under current law if someone threatens a fire, an explosion, or a hazardous chemical substance they are guilty of a class D felony, yet if someone makes a threat of violence through other means against a school this would just be a misdemeanor. This legislation would address that inequity.

Recently, we received the support of the District Attorneys Association of NYS. You can read their letters of support below.

Support is needed to keep this legislation moving forward. Last year, this legislation passed the Senate by a vote of 62-1. Take action and ask your representative to move this bill onto the Senate and Assembly floors for a vote. Take Action Now

NYSSBA Resolutions Process

The above bill was advanced as a direct result of the resolutions process. NYSSBA’s positions are set by our members through this process.  The 2016 Resolutions Survey recently closed, and those results will be incorporated into the 2016 Resolution Kit.  The Resolution Kit will be distributed in early May.

To read all current NYSSBA Position Statements and last year’s update on those positions, see below.

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