February 12, 2014 


This is your chance!  The annual Resolutions Member Survey is intended to gauge school board member opinions on timely and relevant topics currently facing public education.  NYSSBA currently has no official position in support of or in opposition to the items listed in this survey.


The NYSSBA Resolutions Committee will consider the data from this survey in making determinations about the resolutions to be brought to the delegates to the Annual Business Meeting for consideration.  The resolutions that are offered to the delegates through this process do not replace those offered by member school boards.  Any board of education or BOCES board, as well as the NYSSBA Board of Directors may introduce resolutions for consideration at the Annual Business Meeting. 


This survey is intended to allow every NYSSBA member to have an impact on our legislative platform.  Make your voice heard!  Every member of every NYSSBA member board of education may participate in the survey.  To ensure accurate representation, please be sure that at least one person from your board submits a completed survey.


The 2014 Resolution Survey will be sent out electronically tomorrow, Thursday February 13.


The deadline for participation in the Resolution Member Survey is March 4, 2014.  Thanks for helping to make NYSSBA’s legislative platform as relevant and timely as possible! 



Regents Make “Adjustments” to APPR and

Common Core Implementation


Yesterday, the Board of Regents voted to accept 18 of the recommendations proposed by their P-12 Task Force and delayed a vote on one other, pending further consideration. 


The 18 approved recommendations covered a wide range of issues and are consistent with many of the concerns NYSSBA’s membership has been hearing from parents and educators in their communities.  These 18 recommendations included the need to:  

  1. Periodically Review and Update the Common Core Learning Standards.
  2. Provide equitable funding for schools, including appropriate funding for professional    development.
  3. Give high school students more time to meet the Common Core standards.
  4. Eliminate high stakes for students.
  5. Reduce field testing and provide increased access to test questions.
  6. Offer smarter testing options for students with disabilities.
  7. Offer smarter testing options for English language learners.
  8. Develop Native Language Arts assessments for Spanish-speaking English Language Learners (ELL).
  9. Clarify what new grades 3-8 test scores mean for students.
  10. Focus extra support on the students that need it most.
  11. Reduce unnecessary testing.
  12. Eliminate traditional standardized tests in grades K-2.
  13. Establish a 1% cap on time for locally-selected standardized testing.
  14. Offer flexibility to districts to further reduce local testing time required by APPR.
  15. Provide new curricular resources for teachers of students with disabilities and English Language Learners.
  16. Create a “Teacher Portal.”
  17. Ensure IEPs are appropriate to student needs as Common Core is implemented.
  18. Provide new resources to parents of students with disabilities.

Regents Delay Action On One Item


The one recommendation that the Board of Regents delayed action on related to:

  1. Preventing unfair negative consequences to teachers and principals. Provide that if a school district seeks to terminate an educator based on an ineffective rating resulting from student performance on Common Core assessments administered in the 2012-13 and/or 2013-14 school years, he or she may raise as a defense an alleged failure by the board of education to timely implement the Common Core by providing adequate professional development, guidance on curriculum, or other necessary supports to the educator during those school years.

NYSSBA is extremely pleased that the Board of Regents decided to seek comments on this recommendation prior to taking action, given its concerns that this proposal would unduly hamper the ability of school districts to properly discipline ineffective teachers and administrators whose performance is not adequately serving the educational interest of students. NYSSBA will be sharing its views on this recommendation with the Board of Regents and Commissioner John King.  


The Board of Regents approved items 1-18 above with only two Regents voting in the negative; Regents Kathleen M. Cashin and Betty Rosa.


InBloom Delayed


Regarding student educational records to be stored in the “cloud” of third party vendor InBloom, the Board of Regents unanimously voted to delay the launch of its data dashboard system so as to enable the Department to work more closely with the legislature to secure compliance with data privacy and security measures of all third party electronic information storage vendors. This move was immediately well received by legislative leaders who have called for this type of action on the part of the Regents. 


Motion for a Two-Year Moratorium

on Common Core Implementation Fails


Regents Kathleen M. Cashin moved a two-year moratorium precluding any ramifications being taking against students and teachers related to student grades from testing on common core subject matters. This motion failed with only three Regents voting for this proposal, namely Kathleen M. Cashin, Betty Rosa and Harry Phillips. 

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