March 27, 2014

Major portions of the state budget are being finalized today.  One of the most potentially damaging plans still under consideration is the state providing Building Aid to charter schools.  The new Building Aid would be provided to all charter schools, statewide.  This would have the effect of encouraging charter schools in areas never before considered, like rural and suburban areas. 
If your legislator and the governor don’t hear from you today, Building Aid for charter schools will not only drain precious resources away from desperately needed school aid, it will promote dozens of new charter schools.  This would further deteriorate the already fragile condition of our school districts.  We don’t need more schools when the state can’t meet its obligation to the schools we already have.  Tell your Legislators and the Governor you OPPOSE Building Aid for charter schools!

The message is short and easy to convey:


  1. Building Aid for charter schools will hurt our schools.  School districts that have a high percentage of charter schools face tremendous financial pressure.  Every dollar of regular tax-funded operating support that goes into a charter school comes out of a school district. 

  2. The state has spent years pulling funds away from our schools, leaving them struggling to provide the education our kids and our state needs.  While there is a Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA), which takes away needed revenue from struggling school districts, our leaders shouldn’t be promoting new schools.

Charter schools constitute taxation without representation:   If the state approves the creation of a charter school, local taxpayers are required to fund tuition payments to it, even if they or their elected representatives strenuously opposed the school’s creation.

Charter schools aren’t subject to the tax cap:  If a school budget fails, it is prohibited from increasing its local tax levy at all, forcing cuts to programs and services.  There is no mechanism in law requiring charter schools to absorb any share of the resulting reductions.                                                                                                                                                                                               
The most important part of your school board service might just be the harm you prevent from befalling your district.  It’s now or never and your representatives must hear your voice today!

Call the Governor’s Office at (518) 474-8390
Call your Senator at (518) 455-2800
Call your Member of Assembly at (518) 455-4100

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