Poll: Training on Common Core implementation would benefit school boards

FOR RELEASE: September 2, 2014

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As schools begin their third year of implementing Common Core standards, one-third of school board members responding to a recent poll say their board needs more knowledge about what constitutes college and career readiness.

In addition to training in college and career readiness, many respondents (23 percent) believe their board would benefit from training in data-based decision making. Twenty percent would welcome board training in communication strategies, while 12 percent would like additional training in resource allocation. Only 11 percent did not think training was needed.

“New York’s adoption of the Common Core Learning Standards has raised the bar for students at all levels,” said Timothy G. Kremer, executive director of the New York State School Boards Association. “In fact, our rapidly changing world has resulted in a seismic shift in expectations of our students. School board members – as well as school administrators, teachers, students and parents – need ongoing training to fully comprehend the impact of digital technology, social media, application-based learning, student growth models and the changing role of teachers.”

Student Test Data

A majority of board members believe student test data is useful for making informed board decisions in a number of areas, including goal setting (83 percent), instruction (80 percent), staffing (62 percent) and budgeting (54 percent). Smaller percentages believe student test data is useful for community relations (43 percent) and superintendent evaluations (40 percent).

“School board members see high value in using student achievement data to set goals for their school district and improve classroom instruction,” said Kremer.

Poll results are based on an informal NYSSBA Pulse Poll of school board members conducted in July 2014. The three-question poll drew between 553 and 557 responses, depending on the question. The poll was prepared in conjunction with NYSSBA’s Student Achievement Institute. The Institute is a multi-faceted professional development institute for New York school board members. The Institute’s mission is to offer balanced and objective information to board members to help them make informed local decisions.


About NYSSBA: The New York State School Boards Association represents more than 650 school boards and more than 5,000 school board members in New York. NYSSBA provides advocacy, training, and information to school boards in support of their mission to govern the state's public schools.

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