November 17, 2014


Annual Business Meeting Summary

Delegates at the 2014 Annual Business Meeting engaged in significant debate on a number of issues. In addition to the election of officers, the delegates took action on 15 proposals. At the end of the meeting one existing position was extended, one change was made to the by-laws, and nine new positions were adopted. These positions will remain in effect as a part of the Association’s active program for five years, unless they are rescinded or achieved sooner. As a result, the NYSSBA governmental relations team will work toward advancing proposals that would implement the actions called for in these resolutions.

The delegates also considered but failed to adopt four additional resolutions dealing with a variety of topics, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare reimbursement payments, school budget votes and board elections, and the continued use of student performance data in Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPR).

While the defeat of these resolutions means that the body did not adopt a formal position on these issues, the NYSSBA staff listened carefully to the debate and conversations around these proposals. Should issues around these topics arise, we will represent the will of the members by looking to our adopted positions, and the guidance drawn from the debate around all proposals. 2014 ADOPTED POSITION STATEMENTS


The Legislative Insider Webinar

November 21st, 12:00 - 1:30

Our Annual Business Meeting in many ways represents the kick-off of NYSSBA's advocacy agenda. NYSSBA’s governmental relations team returns from convention and dives into preparation of our legislative session, armed with refreshed direction from the voting delegates.

The business meeting is not your only opportunity to participate and be heard. Join the governmental relations team to discuss the outcome of the recent elections including the re-election of Governor Cuomo, the balance of power in the State Senate, the education positions that key candidates held during election season and the approval of the Smart Schools Bond Act. Tune in to hear from the team how they anticipate how these actions will affect the coming year. REGISTER HERE


Call for Nominations: Advocate of the Year

Do you know of a fellow board member who is a "go to" leader and a school board advocate? Is there a board of education you particularly admire for their work to collectively secure outcomes with policymakers? Nominate that board member or a full board for the “NYSSBA Advocate of the Year” award!

Nominations must be received by December 23, 2014 to be considered. Honorees will be recognized at NYSSBA’s Capital Conference, which will be held in Albany on March 15 and 16, 2015. INFORMATION AND NOMINATION FORMS


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