January 29, 2015 

2015 Executive Budget Analysis

The 2015 Executive Budget Proposal is as notable for what it includes as for what it does not: a real state aid package. The budget bills include no language distributing aid, so there are no details as to how the Governor would distribute the approximate $1.1 billion school aid increase he cited during his State of the State address. Because there is no distribution formula, there are no aid runs, leaving districts guessing about what to do next. NYSSBA has joined the ECB in calling for an immediate release of a school aid package.

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Also missing are a variety of critical resources that NYSSBA identified as priorities, including funding for services for unaccompanied minors, career and technical education programs and programs for English language learners. NYSSBA will be aggressively pursuing their inclusion in the final budget.

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Despite all that is missing, there are a number of items included in the proposed budget that could have a dramatic effect on school districts- some good and some bad.

However, the most important point to note is the starting position of the executive: Governor Cuomo has stated that if he does not get all of the policy changes he is seeking, he will not release the $1.1 billion in additional school aid he proposed in his State of the State address.

An additional $1.1 billion in school aid is still far less that was proposed by NYSSBA. We requested a $1.9 billion increase over 2014-15, but absent any information about distribution, it is hard to react to the number in a meaningful way. 

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NYSSBA Budget Analysis Webinar

Earlier today, NYSSBA director of governmental relations Julie Marlette and governmental relations representative Brian Fessler led a discussion on the Governor’s budget.

View a video archive of the event below.

Next Steps

Policy makers need to hear from you. Tell them what your district needs to be successful in the coming year. Tell them why they need to join us in advocating for the release of a full aid proposal, and what it means for your district. Tell them why the initiatives NYSSBA has proposed are important and why your kids can not wait for change.

Give them a call, send a letter, or make an appointment to see them in their district. And share your conversations with NYSSBA governmental relations staff so we can follow up here in Albany.

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Senate Operator 518-455 2800
Executive Chamber 518-474-8390

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