March 12, 2015




Yesterday the New York State Senate released their one house budget bills. These bills stake out the negotiating position for their house as budget conference committees begin. Formal negotiations are slated to begin as early as next week.


The Senate’s “Building a Brighter Future” budget plan, includes some of the initiatives called for by NYSSBA in our 2015 legislative and budget priorities. A thorough analysis of the bills is underway by the NYSSBA governmental relations team and additional details will be made available in the coming weeks.


The Senate press release detailing the proposal indicates that their funding plan would eliminate the GEA and increase school aid by more than $800 million over the executive’s proposal. However, it is important to note that like the Executive Budget, the Senate bills do not appear to include distribution language to support the proposal.


Senate 2015 Budget Proposal

The Senate also included the majority of the Governor’s “Opportunity Agenda,” excluding the extension of mayoral control in New York City.  However, it appears that while they included the reforms, they removed the language linking aid increases to their adoption.


While NYSSBA hopes to see greater changes to the reform package in the final enacted budget, we were encouraged by the exclusion of the link to aid, as well as some of  the new priorities advanced in the Senate proposal, including:  


However, The Senate plan also appears to include several new proposals that NYSSBA would oppose, including:  


The NYSSBA governmental relations team will continue to fight to ensure that NYSSBA’s priorities are reflected in the final enacted budget.


NYSSBA Legislative Priorities


The one house budgets are not the final step. But it is clear that each house of the legislature has their own priorities as negotiations begin.


Be sure to thank your legislators when you see them next week at our Capital Conference and encourage them to consider our full agenda.


Capital Conference Registration

As negotiations progress, stay visible and vocal. There are many more opportunities to advocate for your district and public education before the enactment of the final budget. 


Joint Budget Schedule

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