March 31, 2015

This afternoon, the New York State legislature released the 2015-16 district-by-district school aid runs, based on a budget agreement expected to be approved later today. While individual district figures will vary, total formula-based aid will increase by nearly $1.3 billion over current 2014-15 school year levels to $23.057 billion.


The largest portion of that increase, $603 million, will be distributed as Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) restoration. The runs also indicate that Foundation Aid will increase by more than $428m, for a $15.86 billion statewide total. The remaining $269 million will fund increases in expense-based aids, including building, transportation, BOCES and special education aids. 


You can view your district aid figures here:


We will have more information regarding other parts of the budget, including various education policy proposals, in the coming hours and days.

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