Call To Action End of Session Update June 12, 2015

With only three scheduled session days remaining, most pending education issues remain unresolved which means we will continue our work into next week.

The NYSSBA Government Relations team wanted to provide our members with an update on the status of legislative proposals of concern to our members.

SUPPORT Changes to Implementation of Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPR)

A.7303-a, sponsored by Assembly Education Chairwoman Cathy Nolan, would make changes to the implementation of the updated APPR including:

The legislation has passed the Assembly but has not been acted on in the Senate.  NYSSBA is working with the Educational Conference Board as well as independently to support the changes above. The ECB released a joint position paper on these recommendations this week.

Click below to read more about this bill and NYSSBA’s recommendations related to APPR:

NYSSBA Memorandum of Support A.7303-a

ECB Memorandum of Support on A.7303-a

Rebuilding the Annual Performance Review Process

Tell your legislators your support these changes!

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SUPPORT Amendments to the Tax Cap

The future of the tax cap in New York is very much under debate in New York.  Because of the link between extension of rent control and the tax cap, the time is right to seek adjustments to the law to provide much needed relief to school districts, including:

Click below to read more about these proposals:

Proposed Amendments to the Tax Cap

OPPOSE Education Investment Tax Credit

As of now, there is no matching proposal to enact an education tax credit. The Assembly, Senate and governor have each advanced separate proposals and the Senate has passed their bill. The Assembly has not acted on any version of this legislation, but advocates and lobbyists supporting the legislation are vocal and active – so we must be as well!

NYSSBA participated in a press conference highlighting our opposition to this proposal with a number of partners and legislators this week.

Click below to read the press release:

Civil Rights Attorneys Lay Out Evidence Against Education Tax Credit

Tell your legislators join the opposition to these proposals!

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OPPOSE Changes in Charter School Policy

NYSSBA continues to be opposed to any proposals that promote the expansion of charter schools including:

Various proposals have been advanced throughout the session to ease the expansion of charter schools though it is unclear at this point what may be considered in the next week.

NYSSBA joined legislators and coalition partners to voice our opposition to raising the charter cap this week.

Click below to read the coalition press release:

Dozens of Legislators Join Education Advocates to Demand Carter School Accountability

Thank you again for your advocacy.  NYSSBA will continue to keep you apprised of happenings in the capitol as they unfold over the next week.  For additional information, please contact NYSSBA Governmental Relations at 518-783-0200.

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