Statement of New York State School Boards Association Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer on the Legislative Session

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FOR RELEASE: June 26, 2015



This year's difficult and lengthy legislative session will be remembered as a mixed bag of accomplishments and disappointments. 

We thank lawmakers for rejecting the education investment tax credit and avoiding an increase in the charter school cap. Both proposals would have been damaging to the state's public schools, which serve the vast majority of students. 

We appreciate the important reforms lawmakers made to the property tax cap, such as excluding some BOCES capital costs and including PILOTs in the tax base growth factor. We encourage the Department of Taxation and Finance to implement these changes in such a way that the legislative intent is fully realized. 

We thank lawmakers for enacting one of our priorities: providing funding for the State Education Department to release questions for the grades 3-8 assessments, a move that will significantly reduce the number of standalone field tests. However, lawmakers failed to enact two significant reforms: delinking of state aid to APPR, and extending the deadline for adoption of APPR plans. 

The additional reforms that NYSSBA sought to the tax cap and APPR would have made both of these laws more workable for school districts without jeopardizing the intent of either law. 

As lawmakers worked through issues related to improving student performance, we appreciate their respect for school board governance and local control.



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