Call to Action: APPR and State Aid

March 29, 2016

Support Delinking State Aid and APPR

Currently, school districts are required to have an approved APPR plan consistent with the changes adopted in the 2015 budget (3012-d) in place by September 1, 2016.

Failure to do so places a district’s 2015-16 and 2016-17 state aid increases at risk of being withheld by the state.

NYSSBA has called for changes to this law. As a part of our 2016 budget request we asked that state aid be delinked from APPR. The Assembly budget proposal includes such language. NYSSBA has also proposed amendments to the law that would allow districts to operate under either an approved 3012-c or 3012-d plan, and still receive their state aid, so long as the plan is implemented. Please urge state leaders to take action to enact these changes. Take Action Now

Below you will find a table that projects the potential aid loss by district for those failing to negotiate a new APPR. This chart includes a projected aid loss for only those districts that did not have an approved 3012-d plan as of March 23, 2016. The 2015-16 calculation is the actual increase for that year. The 2016-17 estimate is based on the Executive’s proposed budget. If the final budget includes additional funding for school districts, the actual aid at risk could be higher than the amount projected in the chart below.

NYSSBA Memorandum:

NYSSBA has also joined with education partners to call for these changes:

Increase State Aid to School Districts

Time is running out. Tell your State representatives that you want to see dramatically increased funding in the Legislative budget proposals. Take Action Now

NYSSBA is adding new budget resources on an ongoing basis. To get the latest information please visit our Key Issues site and Action Center.

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