Advocacy Update: Legislature Passes a State Budget Extender

April 3, 2017

Legislature Passes a State Budget Extender

With the end of the weekend "grace period" for budget negotiations, and no final budget agreement, the Executive advanced, and the Legislature adopted a state budget extender funding operations, including school aid, through May 31st.

While other policy areas experienced changes as a result of the extender, the education section of the extender was a fairly straightforward, providing the state with the funding and spending authority needed to make payments to school districts for the next two months.

NYSSBA, in partnership with the Council of School Superintendents released a memo urging the parties to negotiate a final budget as quickly as possible, so that districts will have the information they need to finalize their own budgets. The joint memo, as well as NYSSBA's statement can be viewed below.

Speaker Heastie has already announced his intention to meet with Senator Flanagan today to try and resolve outstanding issues, and keep the negotiations moving forward. Senator Flanagan has also stated that he does not believe they will need until the end of May to finalize a spending plan.

The NYSSBA Governmental Relations team will continue to work with our educational partner groups, the legislature and the Executive to secure passage of a final state budget as soon as possible.

NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will keep you up to date on these and other issues.

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