Advocacy Update: Additional Details on the 2017-18 Budget Deal

April 10, 2017

Additional Details on the 2017-18 Budget Deal

Last night, the Senate passed the outstanding budget bills, which the Assembly completed on Saturday. In the end, this year's education funding package includes:

The school aid increase adds $272 million in Foundation Aid over the Executive Budget proposal. The full state aid runs can be accessed below.

One of the most contested items in the education budget this year was how charter schools should be funded in school year 2017-18. In the final agreement, districts with students attending charter schools will be required to increase payments to charter schools by $500 per pupil in supplemental basic tuition over their total per pupil payments in 2016-17. One hundred percent of the supplemental basic tuition will remain reimbursable to the districts by the state.

Other notable items included in the budget are:

As always, this year's budget negotiations were as noteworthy for what was not included as what was included in the final package. The following items were not included in the final budget:

NYSSBA Enacted Budget Webinar

Join the NYSSBA Governmental Relations team for a webinar to discuss the details of the 2017 enacted budget.

Wednesday, April 12th

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