Advocacy Update: End of the Legislative Session Approaches

June 19, 2017

Legislators appear to be on track to end the legislative session this week as scheduled.  At this time, a number of NYSSBA priorities are still pending, and NYSSBA governmental relations staff is also working to block new mandates and amend proposals that would be harmful to districts.

As we enter the final week of the legislative session some key issues are still in play. Some of those proposals saw movement last week, including:

Amendments to the Taylor Law (S.5778-a Alcantara/A7601-a, Abbate)

This legislation amends the Taylor Law to address a number of issues governing the relationship between public sector unions and their members. However, this bill also includes a provision that would require public employers, including school districts and BOCES, to allow new employees and employees who have been promoted or transferred to a new bargaining unit to meet with a representative of the union during work hours within thirty days of first being paid, unless otherwise addressed in a collective bargaining agreement.

NYSSBA has been working aggressively to remove this provision from the bill. However, the Assembly passed this legislation on Thursday without making this change. The Senate has not yet acted on this bill.

BOCES Capital Exclusion (S.4283, Murphy/A.5965, Galef)

This legislation, which would treat BOCES capital costs uniformly with other district capital expenditures by allowing those costs to be excluded from the tax cap, continues to move through the legislative process.  Late Friday, this bill was placed on the Assembly Ways and Means agenda. This bill, on the calendar in the Senate will be considered by the committee today.

Expanding the ERS Reserve Fund to include savings for TRS (S.4563, Golden/A.7353-a, Buchwald)

This legislation, which would allow districts and BOCES to create a sub account within their ERS reserve fund to save for TRS costs, has been advanced to the Assembly Rules committee and is on the Senate calendar.

Update BOCES District Superintendent Compensation (S.3203, Defrancisco/A.2112, Nolan)

Last week, a bill which would allow for an update in the BOCES district superintendent salary cap, passed the Senate. The bill remains in the Assembly Ways and Means committee.

In the next few days we expect continued action on hundreds of pending bills. Please consider contacting your legislators and sharing your position on these and other priorities. With the end of session so close, we encourage you to call your legislators:

Senate Switchboard 518-455-2800
Assembly Switchboard 518-455-4100

If you cannot call, consider visiting the NYSSBA Online Action Center and sending a letter on these or other key issues.

NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will keep you up to date on these and other issues throughout the week, both through additional updates and NYSSBA's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

For more information, visit our Key Issues Page, and be sure to follow NYSSBA on Facebook and Twitter.

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