Arts standards updated after two decades

by Cathy Woodruff

On Board Online • September 18, 2017

Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

The Board of Regents have approved the first comprehensive update of New York's arts learning standards in two decades.

This school year is designated as a transitional year for the new arts standards, and full implementation is anticipated in 2018-19.

The new standards will stress "conceptual understanding" in a wide range of creative domains, a departure from the previous emphasis on knowledge and skills, state education officials said in a presentation to the Regents.

Putting new standards in place was seen as a necessary step before leaders move forward with another initiative to create an arts "pathway" to a high school diploma, said Regent Roger Tilles, who chairs a committee leading that effort.

The state's arts plan calls for building a Statewide Arts Education Network that relies on collaborations and partnerships with cultural organizations, colleges and businesses to support educational initiatives.

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