Call to Action: Congress Prepares to Take Up Tax Reform Plan

October 25, 2017

Congress is preparing to act on a budget resolution, an action that will pave the way for further action on a tax reform plan. Advertised as a tax cut for the middle class, the outline of the proposal (based on the information available at this time) would:

Elimination of the SALT deduction could put incredible pressure on school district budgets. If individual federal tax liability goes up, as is anticipated for many if this plan is adopted, taxpayers may look for relief at the local level.

While complete details are not yet available, adoption of this plan is estimated to increase the average federal tax liability for households with incomes between $50,000 and $200,000 annually by more than $800. At the same time, estimated reductions in taxes for corporations and the highest earning individuals would result in an overall loss in federal tax revenue. This will leave less funding available for school districts and other federally funded programs.

Contact your congressional representative today and tell them to reject this damaging proposal, especially elimination of the SALT deduction.

NYSSBA Testimony on School Facilities

Last week the Assembly Education Committee held a hearing on school district facilities and the need to improve these facilities. NYSSBA submitted testimony and will continue to work on these issues. To read NYSSBA's testimony, please follow the link below.

Governor Signs Small Group Insurance Extender

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo signed NYSSSBA-supported legislation that will continue to allow school districts with 50-100 employees to be excluded from the definition of small groups through December 2019. This exemption was scheduled to expire in 2018.

Expiration of this exemption would have resulted in dramatic cost increases for more than 100 districts across the state. The extender legislation provides policymakers with additional time to work towards a long term solution to this issue.

NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will keep you up to date on these and other issues.

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