Advocacy Alert: Governor Cuomo Delivers 2018 State of the State

January 4, 2018

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo delivered the 2018 State of the State address. Returning to a more traditional schedule, which he had abandoned in recent years, the Governor delivered the address on the opening day of session separate from the release of the 2018 Executive Budget.

Education issues were given very little time during the speech itself. The actual comments on education policy included:

The Governor mentioned a number of other items that could ultimately impact school districts during his speech, including:

However, the Governor's speech was accompanied by a lengthy written agenda that encompassed a number of additional items. Some of those included:

Finally, in both his written materials and the speech itself, the Governor spoke extensively about his commitment to fight back against what he called threats to New York from Washington, including but not limited to the recently enacted tax bill. He committed to seeking legal action and challenging the tax bill in the courts, while also exploring all options to changes in state tax code to provide relief for New York's tax payers. One option he indicated he will explore is shifting from our traditional income tax system to a payroll tax system.

We anticipate that the majority of these proposals will be included in the Executive budget. The constitutional deadline for the release of the budget is January 16th.

NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will keep you up to date on these and other issues.

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