Advocacy Update: Contact Your Legislators before Legislative Budgets

March 2, 2018

Work on the development of the "one house" legislative budget proposals for 2018 is well under way. Take Action Now

Contact your legislators and ask them to consider NYSSBA's priorities  as they finalize the 2018 state budget, including:

If you do not want to send a letter, consider passing a board resolution and sharing the resolution with NYSSBA and your elected officials.

Resources to support school health and mental health services are anticipated to be a key part of budget negotiations this year, as a part of the broader discussion about school safety, and the variety of steps that can be taken to ensure that our schools and students are safe. It is not yet clear what proposals will be considered as  a part of the of the negotiations process, but we expect to see some definition as a part of the legislative budget proposals. NYSSBA  will continue to work with state legislators to urge them to provide local school districts with the tools and resources they need and their communities think are best to  ensure student safety and security.

Updated NYSSBA State Aid Databases (ICYMI)

NYSSBA's state aid databases have been updated  to reflect  the 2018 Executive Budget proposal school aid runs.

NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will continue to review these, and other, budget proposals and will keep you informed of any additional developments.

For more information, visit our Key Issues Page, and be sure to follow NYSSBA on Facebook and Twitter.

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