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Advocacy Update NYSED Releases Draft State ESSA Plan

May 10, 2017

On Monday, the State Education Department released a draft of the State's ESSA plan, which will shape the new accountability system in the state. A draft of the full plan and a summary are included below. This draft plan is now out for public comment. The department will be holding a series of public hearings across the state to maximize public engagement. Speakers will be allowed to testify on a first come, first served basis, for a maximum of 3 minutes. Written comments can also be submitted. It is critical that board member voices be heard throughout this process. NYSSBA urges you to participate in your regional hearing, to discuss how the draft plan may impact your district. To assist with that participation, and because the draft plan is lengthy, we have identified some key provisions of the draft plan that you may wish to address in your comments.

Advocacy Update: Congress Passes Appropriations for the Remainder of FY 2017

May 5, 2017

Earlier this week, the House and the Senate each passed a consolidated appropriations bill, H.R.244, funding federal programs, including public education, thorough the end of the federal fiscal year (September 30, 2017).

Despite an overall cut of $1.1 billion to  Department of Education programs, most major K-12 programs saw increases over FY 2016, despite concerns that the President's "skinny budget" cuts could be addressed in the 2017 spending plan. Cuts were instead concentrated in higher education programs. The bill included:

  • $15.5 billion ($550 million increase) in Title I grants to Local Education Agencies
  • $400 million  in  funding for the new Title IV block grant to support well rounded education programs, supportive learning environments and the use of technology 
    • This funding represents a $122 million increase over the grant streams consolidated to establish the block grant
  • $12 billion ($90 million increase) in grants to states under IDEA part B
  • $1.33 billion ($23 million increase) in Impact Aid
  • $1.2 billion ($25 million increase)  for 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • $77 million ($7.7 million increase)  for  Education for Homeless Youth
  • $342 million ($9 million increase) in funding for charter schools.

Call to Action: Obamacare Repeal Would Cut Medicaid Funding for Public Schools

May 1, 2017

Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives will be moving forward to consider legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare." After a month of negotiations and changes to the original bill filed in March, House members plan to vote on the American Health Care Act (H.R. 1628), which would change the way states receive Medicaid funding by imposing a per capita allotment funding structure. 

If passed into law, the bill will significantly impact the ability of students with disabilities and students in poverty to receive critically necessary health services in public schools.

Call to Action: Urge Congress to Invest in Public Education

April 25, 2017

Members of Congress return to Capitol Hill this week with the priority of passing an appropriations bill to fund federal programs, including education, for the remainder of the 2017 fiscal year. Congress has four days to pass legislation to ensure federal investments in education continue uninterrupted, as the current funding measure expires on April 28. This is the time to contact your Members of Congress and urge them to pass an appropriations bill that prioritizes $35 billion in investments for education programs that support our nation's 50 million public school students.

2017 NYSSBA Resolution Kit

April 24, 2017

Dear NYSSBA Member:

Below you will find a link to NYSSBA's 2017 Resolution Kit. This kit includes key dates and other important information about NYSSBA's resolutions process.  

The resolution process is an important one, by which NYSSBA members have the opportunity to set the positions and beliefs of the Association. Your participation provides guidance to the NYSSBA Governmental Relations team.

Advocacy Alert: NYSSBA 2017 State Budget Analysis

April 12, 2017

Earlier today the NYSSBA Governmental Relations team conducted a webinar to present their analysis of the 2017 State Budget and to answer questions.

If you were unable to view the webinar live, you may view it at any time at the link below.

Advocacy Update: Additional Details on the 2017-18 Budget Deal

April 10, 2017

Additional Details on the 2017-18 Budget Deal

Last night, the Senate passed the outstanding budget bills, which the Assembly completed on Saturday. In the end, this year's education funding package includes:

  • $700 million in additional Foundation Aid
    • $50 million in additional Foundation Aid will be set aside to create and expand Community Schools
  • $295 million to fully fund expense-based aids

Advocacy Alert: School Aid Runs and Final Budget Announcement

April 8, 2017

Last night, just before 9:00 pm, Governor Cuomo announced that he had come to an agreement with legislative leaders on a final budget.

Details were scarce in the announcement but we did learn that the final arrangement includes:

  • $1.1 billion in funding for education, including a $700 million increase in Foundation Aid
  • Changes to how charter schools are funded

Advocacy Update: Legislature Passes a State Budget Extender

April 3, 2017

With the end of the weekend "grace period" for budget negotiations, and no final budget agreement, the Executive advanced, and the Legislature adopted a state budget extender funding operations, including school aid, through May 31st.

While other policy areas experienced changes as a result of the extender, the education section of the extender was a fairly straightforward, providing the state with the funding and spending authority needed to make payments to school districts for the next two months.

Advocacy Update April 1 Arrives with No Budget Deal

April 1, 2017

Midnight came and went last night, March 31st, with no announcement of a budget deal, or adoption of any bills or extenders. Though the state fiscal year officially ended last night, because of the weekend, budget experts said there would be no immediate issue. The Governor released a statement indicating he would wait until Monday to see if a deal could be reached, before introducing a budget extender.

In the event an extender is introduced, is it unclear what would be included or for how long it would last.

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