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On Board Online January 13 2020

Teachers join ranks of school bus drivers

On Board Online • January 13, 2020

By Ken Goldfarb
Special Correspondent

While waiting for a school bus to take a track team to a meet last spring, a teacher-coach in the Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District started chatting with a bus mechanic. "If only I could drive the bus, I could drive us there," she said, half-jokingly.

Be the champion for every child

On Board Online • January 13, 2020

Fred Langstaff
NYSSBA President

This isn't the first thing I usually share with people when we first meet, but I'm making an exception here. I was a bit of a cut-up in elementary school. I took every chance I could to joke and socialize, even when it really was time to settle down, crack open a textbook and listen to what the teacher had to say.

My teachers let my chatty tendencies slide for a few years. My classroom behavior did not improve until fifth grade, when our teacher instructed us to quiet down and I kept on kibitzing with my classmates. I finally went silent when I sensed a towering presence standing over my desk in the third row.

In a forested corner of NYS, a district wins Green Ribbons

On Board Online • January 13, 2020

By Merri Rosenberg
Special Correspondent

On the main road into the Orange County town of Warwick, N.Y., a sign says, "Bring Your Own Bag."

Historically, this portion of New York State near the New Jersey border has been agricultural, and it’s surrounded by forests.

Buffalo embraces 'culturally responsive' curriculum

On Board Online • January 13, 2020

By Michael Goot
Special Correspondent

Last spring, 11th-grade students in Buffalo Public Schools read about the Civil Rights movement and the famous march by Martin Luther King Jr. over the Edmund Pettus Bridge from Selma to Montgomery to fight for voting rights.

Those 70 students saw the famous bridge up close on a four-day field trip last April and even re-created a photo from that historical event.

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