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On Board Online November 25 2019

SED, Regents focus on teacher diversity

On Board Online • November 25, 2019

By Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

More than 200 school districts in New York do not employ even one teacher who is black, Hispanic or from another racial or ethnic background of color, according to a draft report on educator diversity that's nearing completion at the State Education Department.

And while students of color make up a growing majority of statewide school enrollment, fewer than 5 percent of teachers in most regions of the state have backgrounds placing them in that category, the researchers found.

Shannon Tahoe appointed acting education commissioner

On Board Online • November 25, 2019

By Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

The Board of Regents has named New York's second acting education commissioner since Commissioner MaryEllen Elia stepped down at the end of August.

Shannon Tahoe, also the State Education Department's acting deputy commissioner for legal affairs, was tapped to take on the additional duties of acting commissioner, effective Nov. 16. That was the day after Interim Commissioner Beth Berlin departed to accept another position outside of the department.

How to have a difficult conversation

On Board Online • November 25, 2019

By Mark Snyder
Leadership Development Manager

If you are a school board member, you probably are going to be part of some difficult conversations. And if you are a school board president, it is virtually certain that you are going to be part of some difficult conversations.

Discussions with angry parents, post-evaluation meetings with the superintendent, and conflict with other board members (or mediating such conflicts) are just a few examples. Keys to success in these challenging circumstances include being prepared and remaining calm.

Two-thirds of NYS high schools start before 8 a.m.

On Board Online • November 25, 2019

By Paul Heiser
Senior Research Analyst

Most high schools in New York start the instructional day before 8 a.m., the time at which a growing number of research studies say students should just be waking up, according to an analysis by Start Schools Later, a group that advocates for later school starting times.

The analysis found that 66% of high schools begin their first period or home room before 8 a.m., while 13.5% begin before 7:30. Three percent of high schools start at 8:30 or later. The average start time is 7:48, with dismissal at 2:35.

Issue of teen dating violence has implications for school districts

On Board Online • November 25, 2019

By Mary Williams-Noi
Policy Consultant

School boards have a duty to ensure that policies are conducive to a positive school environment, and that may require addressing issues related to teen dating violence.

Dating violence is defined as a pattern of behaviors used to exert power or control over a dating partner. A form of domestic abuse (or "intimate partner violence"), teen dating violence can include a broad range of abusive behaviors such as hitting, kicking, stalking, verbal abuse, unsolicited sexting, and "revenge porn" (where intimate images are shared without consent).

7 takeaways from U.S. Secret Service report on targeted school violence

On Board Online • November 25, 2019

By Eric D. Randall

While "there is no profile of a school attacker," some patterns are evident in attacks between 2008 and 2017, according to the first comprehensive government analysis of school violence since 2002.

Protecting America's Schools: A U.S. Secret Service Analysis of Targeted School Violence analyzes 41 incidents of targeted school violence in the U.S.

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