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Does your board need a policy on Pooperintendents?

On Board Online • May 28, 2018

By Courtney Sanik
Senior Policy Consultant

You've probably heard about the New Jersey superintendent who was arrested on April 30 after a surveillance operation allegedly caught him defecating and/or urinating on the football field and track of his district's high school. (Google "pooperintendent" if you haven't.)

You will be relieved to know that we very serious people who work in NYSSBA Policy Services will not let this story go without finding a wee bit of wisdom to pass on regarding your board's responsibilities to have policies regarding use of school facilities.

Student's cancer prognosis prompts school to hold honorary diploma ceremony

On Board Online • May 28, 2018

By Pauline Liu
Special Correspondent

In January, Shenendehowa High School student Jacob Monday made the decision to discontinue treatment for bone cancer. He had learned that the cancer had spread to his lungs, and the prognosis had become terminal. The 16-year-old sophomore from Ballston Lake had battled the disease known as osteosarcoma for nearly two years.

"He was very upset," his mother, Barbara Williams, told On Board. "It's heartbreaking when you're told that it's back in less than a month."

Avon's Welch named NYSSBA's Champion for Change

On Board Online • May 28, 2018

By Eric D. Randall

Julie Welch, who has sparked a "growth mindset" on the Avon school board, has been named the 2018 recipient of the New York State School Boards Association Champion for Change Award.

The award is presented to an individual who is serving in their first five years as a school board member and demonstrates leadership by enhancing educational opportunities for all students

IRS Indicates Intent to Address Charitable Funds

May 24, 2018

Yesterday, the Internal Revenue Service issued a notice indicating that regulations would be forthcoming to address the deductibility of state and local tax payments for federal income tax purposes, including addressing the federal deductibility of payments and donations to new entities in exchange for a tax credit against state or local taxes owed.

This announcement appears to be in direct response to states that have or plan to authorize state and local charitable funds to support education and healthcare. New York adopted such a proposal as a part of the state budget, and guidance on the creation of such funds was released just last week

School Budget Turnout Drops by 50,000 Voters

FOR RELEASE: May 22, 2018



CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 783-3716 or (518) 320-2221  cell


Voter turnout for last week’s school budget votes plummeted by more than 50,000 from a year ago – the lowest total since the inception of the tax cap in 2012, according to a New York State School Boards Association analysis of State Education Department data.

The total number of votes cast statewide in 2018 school budget votes was 505,075, compared to 557,642 in 2017 – a drop of 52,567.

NYSSBA to host 2030 education summits

FOR RELEASE: May 18, 2018



CONTACT: Al Marlin
(518) 783-3723 or (518) 527-6933  cell


Photo, video and interview opportunities

  A series of summits focused on what education will look like in 2030. Guest speakers and stakeholders will discuss how education needs to evolve in order to prepare students for success in the year 2030. The summits are geared toward school board members, administrators, educators, parents, students and community members.


  • Tim Kremer, Executive Director, New York State School Boards Association
  • MaryEllen Elia, New York State Education Commissioner
  • Bill Daggett, Ed.D., Founder and Chairman, International Center for Leadership in Education
  • A presenter from IBM will demonstrate the Teacher Advisor with Watson program.
  • A ‘Digital Skills’ program will be presented with a representative from Microsoft about empowering students to be future-ready.

Statewide, overall school budget passage rate dips slightly to 97.6 percent; Steep decline in override passage rate

FOR RELEASE: May 16, 2018



CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 783-3716 or (518) 320-2221  cell


New York State voters approved 97.6 percent of school district budgets on Tuesday, May 15, according to an analysis by the New York State School Boards Association. That's down slightly from 99.3 percent in 2017.

"School boards and their leadership teams put together budgets that were fiscally restrained yet responsive to the needs of their communities," said NYSSBA Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer. "For example, in response to community concerns about school safety, many school boards allocated funding for school resources officers..."

Call To Action: Reform BOCES District Superintendent Compensation

May 14, 2018

Legislation that seeks to update the current cap on salaries for BOCES district superintendents is pending in both houses of the state legislature. Current law caps the salary of BOCES district superintendents at 98 percent of the commissioner of education's 2003-04 salary or 106% of the salary cap applicable in the previous school year, whichever is less. This legislation would update the cap to reflect the commissioner of education's 2017-18 salary.

Take Action

The cap, first enacted in 1993, was intended to be regularly updated. However, the cap has been adjusted only once, in 2003.

Please contact your legislators and ask them to pass this bill before the legislative session ends. NYSSBA's memorandum in support of this bill can be accessed below.

APPR Update

May 10, 2018

This week, the State Senate Majority issued a statement expressing concern about the legislation recently passed in the  Assembly (A.10475, Nolan/S.8301, Marcellino) that would make several changes to teacher and principal evaluations, known as "Annual Professional Performance Reviews" (APPR).

As introduced this bill would eliminate the mandated use of State test scores as a part of teacher and principal evaluations (APPR) and require that districts collectively bargain which assessments will be used instead. This bill also purports to allow current APPR plans to remain in place until new agreements and plans are reached, without the loss of district state aid increases. In addition, this bill would make permanent the prohibition on state 3-8 test scores appearing as a part of a student's permanent record.

Statement of NYSSBA Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer on APPR Legislation

FOR RELEASE: May 9, 2018



CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 783-3716 or (518) 320-2221  cell



We are concerned that if enacted, proposed APPR legislation that has passed the Assembly would result in additional student testing. 

Unless the state wants to forfeit federal ESSA funds, it still must administer grades 3-8 ELA and math state assessments. Under the proposed APPR legislation, students could have to take both the state tests as well as alternative assessments that would be used for teacher and principal evaluation purposes.

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