Statement of NYSSBA Executive Director Robert S. Schneider on Gov. Kathy Hochul's 2022-23 Executive Budget Proposal

FOR RELEASE: January 18, 2022

NYSSBA is pleased to hear the first details of Gov. Hochul’s executive budget plan for 2022-23. Her proposed budget would fulfill her pledge to continue phasing in the full foundation aid formula and would ensure that every district receives at least a 3% increase.

The proposed 7.1% school aid increase would provide $1.6 billion in additional foundation aid in 2022-23 and would enable individual school districts to direct the aid where it is needed most, while easing potential impacts on local taxpayers.

By following through with a second year of the three-year foundation aid phase-in strategy, the governor has helped to assure school districts of consistent state support as they plan for the future.

The minimum 3% foundation aid increase Gov. Hochul has proposed for districts already at full funding also is welcome as all districts face increasing costs.

The governor’s proposed initiative to expand affordable broadband access to New Yorkers in rural and urban areas would offer another significant step toward ensuring that all students have the digital resources they need to succeed in school, now and far into the future.

Finally, NYSSBA applauds the governor’s focus on children and their needs, including after-school programs and mental health support, in her budget message. We look forward to hearing more details as they become available and as the Legislature begins its review of the spending plan.

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