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On Board Online April 23 2018

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Seven ways your district can engage parents

On Board Online • April 23, 2018

By Jason Franchuk
Special Correspondent

An engaged parent makes for a better student. But how can schools get parents to show up for school events?

Sure, serving food helps. So does providing child care.

We picked the brains of superintendents for their favorite engagement methods and heard about everything from "frequent visitor" prizes to encouraging attendance at basketball games.

Headline : District access to state aid increases to be subject to DOB, SED approval

On Board Online • April 23, 2018

By Julie M. Marlette
Director of Governmental Relations

The final enacted state budget included a proposal many feared but few thought would be included: a requirement that every school district report to the state the amount budgeted per pupil in each school building.

The reporting requirement will be phased in over three years. If a given district's report is found incomplete or noncompliant (or is not received), the district's state aid increase can be withheld until the report is deemed compliant by both the state Division of the Budget (DOB) and the State Education Department (SED).

Vaping woos a generation

On Board Online • April 23, 2018

By Cathy Woodruff
Senior Writer

The enticing whiff of rebellion that once drew many students to sneak their first cigarettes has faded over the last 20 years. But there's a new fad with the power to launch nicotine addiction: vaping.

A term referring to the use of devices that deliver flavored vapor to the lungs, vaping is wooing a new generation of teens who shun traditional cigarettes.

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