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On Board Online August 12 2019

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TRS contribution rate falls to 8.86%

On Board Online • August 12, 2019

By Paul Heiser
Senior Research Analyst

School districts will see a decrease in their contribution rates toward the Teachers' Retirement System for the 2019-20 school year.

The TRS board formally adopted an employer contribution rate of 8.86% at its July meeting, which is down from 10.62% for 2018-19.

Leading from all directions

On Board Online • August 12, 2019

William Miller
NYSSBA President

The start of the new school year, now just a few weeks away, often brings a combination of excitement and trepidation for students and parents. Little do they know that school board members often experience those same emotions, along with a tremendous sense of responsibility.

That's especially true for school board presidents, who must lead their boards through the multitude of issues - expected and unexpected - that will crop up in the coming school year.


Comptroller finds school districts fall short on safety plans

On Board Online • August 12, 2019

By Shubh N. McTague
Staff Counsel

In recent audits of 17 school districts and two charter schools, the Office of the State Comptroller sought to determine whether the schools were compliant with the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) Act, a section of the Education Law that took effect in 2000.

The comptroller found that none of the school systems' safety plans met the minimum requirements, two schools did not have a safety plan at all, 18 schools did not have a safety team or all the required members, and no school met all of the annual safety training requirements.

Updated Q&A fills in more blanks on school vaccination requirements

On Board Online • August 12, 2019

By Pilar Sokol
Deputy General Counsel

State officials have updated a joint "Frequently Asked Questions" on school vaccination requirements to address questions that school officials have been asking.

For the upcoming school year, proof of immunization is due within 14 days after the first day of instruction in September.

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