School Boards Association launches new website, "The School Board Member Experience"

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Website serves as a resource for general public to learn about school boards;
offers inside view of school board service

Petition deadline for school board elections is April 22

A new website provides comprehensive resources for individuals interested in learning about school board service.

"The School Board Member Experience," launched today by the New York State School Boards Association, offers a virtual journey from the decision to run for school board to the first year of service.

"As candidates navigate the ins-and-outs of running for the school board, they ask board members, superintendents and district clerks for information. The School Board Member Experience website is a one-stop shop for information regarding eligibility, deadlines, nominating petitions, board meeting protocols, basic roles and responsibilities and much more," said NYSSBA Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer. "We hope this website will become a top-of-mind resource for school district officials when they are asked questions about school board service."

In addition, The School Board Member Experience is intended to help the public understand what school board service is like. Individuals who run for school board invest a great deal of time and effort into campaigning and serving on the board. But those who haven’t had the experience may not be fully aware of the commitment required for school board service.

"The School Board Member Experience website provides the public with a behind-the-scenes look at what school board candidates go through during the process of running for office and then getting acclimated during their first year in office," said Kremer. "We hope this will give members of the public a better appreciation for the work of school boards and the individual sacrifices members make to serve on a school board, as well as the time and effort involved in earning a seat on a school board."

School boards in New York State are an essential component of local decision making and governance. Yet each year, there are areas of the state where there are a dearth of candidates. For example, a 2018 NYSSBA survey found that 32 school districts did not have enough candidates to fill all school board vacancies in that year’s elections.

"We hope anyone who is interested in school board service will look to NYSSBA as a resource," Kremer said. "Well-informed candidates and voters are essential to the school board election process."

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