Statement of New York State School Boards Association Executive Director Robert Schneider on the Federal Stimulus Package

FOR RELEASE: December 22, 2020

We are pleased that Congress has passed a new stimulus package. Prior to this package, schools faced the possibility of a $5 billion aid cut. Congress has greatly improved an otherwise dire financial situation for schools.

The federal aid package will help to blunt a potential severe state aid cut for public education, but without federal relief directly for state and local governments, schools may still face a significant state aid cut. We are hopeful that President-elect Biden and Congress will work together to deliver relief to state and local governments after the inauguration. We will continue to advocate for this funding.

We are pleased to see the inclusion of funding for broadband access so we can begin to ensure that all students have educational opportunities, regardless of their family income or geographic region, but we were hopeful that the package would include additional e-rate funding as well.

We thank Senator Schumer and the entire New York Congressional Delegation for their persistence and dedication to our schools – and we applaud the efforts of our school board members throughout the state. Collectively, they have sent nearly 10,000 letters in support of education funding to their Congressional representatives.


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